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PyroCom Systems provides end-to-end physical security and information technology (IT) solutions for today’s decision makers.

Our products and services are intended to enhance your company’s strategic vision and increase your competitive advantage.

Since 1997, PyroCom Systems has installed life safety, intrusion detection, surveillance, access control systems and technology solutions in schools, hospitals, small and large businesses, military installations, universities, industrial complexes, and residential homes.

PyroCom is a fully integrated security systems company, meaning that we connect all aspects of your security to one another. As a company, we believe that the security of an individual should be custom fit to their exact needs. This is why we offer completely custom solutions to cover everything that you need to feel safe. We allow you to tailor your security needs from all aspects; no two systems are identical.

PyroCom doesn’t just stop at installing these systems, we also route dispatching and provide technical support around the clock. With our constant availability and support, PyroCom can troubleshoot any problems that may occur, provide IT support, and help adjust any aspect of your security system with a simple phone call.

Call us today for a no cost, no obligation consultation. 

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Security meets technology.

Today’s technology can make your business more secure.

Together we’ll customize your exact security needs. PyroCom will add a personalized level of security to your design-build project to turn any ideas into reality.

Today’s technology can make your business more secure.

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