Leadership El Paso Application

Leadership El Paso (LEP) is a select group of professionals, who meet monthly for a year to learn more about the major economic sectors, organizations , businesses, and programs operating in the greater El Paso area.  Participants meet with some of the most powerful change makers in the borderland, learn leadership skills from regional experts, and network with key stakeholders across  a wide range of industries.  In addition to these professional development opportunities, each class is responsible for developing and executing a class project that drives lasting, positive change in El Paso.  

LEP is a program of the El Paso Chamber. For information, please email crosales@elpaso.org or visit elpaso.org/leadership.

INSTRUCTIONS:  The application must be completed and submitted through the website. Applications must be received by the Chamber no later than Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 11:59 PM MST.

Please complete each section. Limit answers to the space available. To be considered for LEP, this application must be signed by both applicant and employer/sponsor (if applicable). If you are selected, a photo and bio will be required prior to the first session.

SELECTION CRITERIA:  Participation in LEP is open to individuals with a demonstrated commitment to community service. Applicants who have achieved leadership positions in their field and are willing to accept greater community responsibility will be chosen for the year-long program. The program is designed to prepare candidates to become better-informed leaders of El Paso and to assume leadership roles in professional and civic organizations.

The LEP Selection Committee will choose participants based on the information provided in this application. In reviewing applications, the committee will look for participants who demonstrate a commitment and motivation to serve El Paso and the greater El Paso region.

Organizations may submit an unlimited number of applications, but no more than two people per organization will be chosen. If not selected, applicants are encouraged to re-apply for the following program year. Applicants must have lived or worked in the greater El Paso region for the 12 months immediately preceding the submission of the application.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  LEP is a learning experience and requires the following commitments on the part of the participant:

1. Attendance is required at a minimum of 10 monthly sessions. Any participant missing more than two sessions, for any reason, shall be automatically dropped from the program, and no portion of the tuition shall be refunded. Monthly sessions will take place on the last Friday of each month (unless otherwise noted), January 2024 through November 2024. Each session will take place between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Punctuality is required. Not every session will last the entirety of those hours, but we require participants reserve those times for LEP. Participants must attend the entire session; leaving early or arriving late will be counted against attendance. The only excused absence is a verified personal illness or family emergency.

2. Attendance at a minimum of one El Paso Chamber event is required in order to graduate from the program. An event overview form will be provided for your feedback.

3. Physical activities may include, but are not limited to, touring construction sites, uneven terrain, climbing, hiking, and exposure to intense weather conditions. (You may opt of any physical activities if you are not comfortable with the activity, but must still remain present for the duration of the session.)

4. Active participation in the class project is required. The Chamber will provide further guidance on project guidelines during the program.

5. One session may involve travel to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Participants are required to obtain proper border crossing documentation if they plan to participate.

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What has been your most important contribution to El Paso or your former community and what role did you play?

In your opinion, who are the top three most influential/powerful leaders in our community today?  Why?

Complete this statement: If accepted to EPCL, I will commit myself to applying the knowledge I acquire from the program by: 

LEP is not a starting point.  It is a program for those who are already established in their career and who have made contributions to the community. Please list, in order of importance to you, community organizations for which you are, or have been, a leader in El Paso:  Applications without this information will not be considered.

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I am committed to participating as a member of the LEP45 class. I understand that my participation includes course assignments, course activities, active engagement in course discussions, and active contribution to the LEP45 class community project. If selected to participate, I will devote the time required.

I understand the purpose of LEP and that completion of this application does not ensure my acceptance into the program. To assist with the application and selection process, I agree to make time available for a candidate conversation.

I have read the above information in full and agree to abide by this acknowledgement.

As the applicant’s employer, I attest the applicant has been given approval and full support, which includes the dedication of the allotted time to participate in this program.

TUITION:  Ability to pay is not a consideration in selection of class participants and should not be viewed as a barrier to application. If accepted into the LEP program, you or your employer will be billed for the tuition fee which covers all program costs, including meals.

Tuition will be paid by? Self Employer Other:

Application fee of $35 must be paid at time of submission

The above identified will be invoiced for the amount applicable below:

Non-Member Rate of $2,350

Chamber Member Rate of $1,950

Charitable Organization Rate of $1,500*

*Limited slots designated for IRC Section 501(c)(3) Organizations. Proof of designation must be attached to application to qualify for discount.





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